Wellness exams allow your pet’s veterinarian to monitor their health and catch diseases in their earliest stages. Being able to catch any potential ailments as soon as possible is helpful for many reasons; when caught early, diseases are easier and cheaper to treat, and your pet can be saved from needless suffering.

Also, habits that may eventually cause problems down the line can be addressed, such as difficulty with training, weight gain, weight loss, exercise, and general behaviour and lifestyle factors. Having regular opportunities to discuss your pet’s habits, personality, and tendencies helps the veterinarian to understand a baseline of what “normal” is for the individual animal, so if anything is ever amiss, the doctor will be able to fully understand the relevancy of any potential behavioral changes. We encourage our clients to ask questions and share insights about their pet’s day-to-day wellness.

We recommend that healthy, adult animals receive at least one wellness examination a year. Puppies, kittens, and senior pets should have more frequent visits, because these pet populations have weaker immune systems and are at greater risk of disease. On a case-by-case basis, your veterinarian will help you decide the proper frequency of visits for your pet.

During the wellness examination, the veterinarian will conduct a complete physical exam, from paw pads to whiskers. The examination will include:

  • Looking inside of the ears
  • Checking the eyes and surrounding area
  • Opening the mouth to inspect the teeth and gums
  • Measuring the temperature
  • Weighing the pet
  • Checking the skin and coat
  • Feeling the musculature and joints
  • Palpating the abdomen
  • Checking for any unusual lumps or bumps throughout the body

In addition to the physical examination, our doctors gather information about pet health and wellness through routine laboratory tests during wellness exams. For example, we suggest that every pet have a fecal test performed annually, because parasites are one of the most frequent health concerns for dogs and cats.

Based on your pet’s medical history and age, the veterinarian may ask to run more tests to inform any diagnostic inquiries.

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