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Our owner and director, Dr. Deb Piepgras, and many of our veterinary technicians are Fear Free Certified. Fear Free Certification hallmarks our commitment to relieving anxiety and fear in pets during veterinary visits, and educating the people who love them.

We never want a pet to miss an important visit or service that will help keep them healthy due to the stress of visiting the veterinarian. The Fear Free method helps veterinarians prioritize not only the medical treatment of their patients, but their emotional and mental wellbeing too, so fear and distress can be avoided when your pet receives veterinary treatment.

Fear Free Certification was designed by some of the world’s leading veterinarians and animal behaviorists and has been one of the most influential movements in the veterinary field in recent times. As animal lovers, we not only want out pets to be healthy, but to be happy and free from distress. In the past, veterinary medicine was primarily focused the former goal, but in recent years we have realized through empirical evidence that certain approaches and methodology can improve their feelings of wellbeing, safety, and contentment as well.

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