In-House Diagnostic Laboratory

Lakeland Veterinary Hospital contains a full on-site diagnostic laboratory to provide accurate and timely results for blood work and lab samples. For rare tests, samples may need to be analyzed in a separate reference laboratory.

Some of the common tests which we regularly run in our laboratory include:

Complete blood count measures the levels of different red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelets in a blood sample. This measurement can diagnose conditions such as anemia, leukemia, and infection, and provide a comprehensive picture of overall health.

Blood chemistry panel is a series of tests that are ordered in conjunction with each other to pinpoint a specific organ or diagnostic question.

Thyroid tests measure the function of the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism. Thyroid disorders can be common, particularly among senior pets. Disorders of the thyroid can cause a pet to be overweight, underweight, restless, lethargic, or otherwise wreak havoc on the balance of energy in the body.

Urinalysis is a test on a urine sample that provides insight into overall health, and particularly the function of the kidneys. Urinalysis is a routine test for senior pets and can diagnose conditions such as diabetes, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and more.

Electrolytes testing measures the levels of different electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes are vital minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphate. If electrolytes levels are low, this can signal dehydration, or overhydration, which can further be indicative of kidney or liver problems.

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