Every year, millions of cats and dogs live on the streets as strays or are turned into animal shelters. Inevitably, many of these pets do have homes, but they were inextricably separated from their families because of some sort of accident.

According to a survey conducted by the ASPCA in recent years, the amount of pets separated from their families are becoming reunited at much higher rates than those of the past. This fortunate trend is mostly attributed to a singularly important factor: the rise in the popularity of microchipping. Because microchips are so effective, they are strongly recommended by animal adoption organizations and veterinarians nationwide; leading many owners of lost pet’s to have a better chance of finding them again.

A microchip located in your pet’s skin can be read by animal care professionals at veterinary offices and animal shelters around the country using a special scanner. The identification code associated with the microchip will lead the veterinary or shelter staff to your specific contact information. Once they reach you, you can be happily reunited with your lost pet.

The procedure for inserting the microchip is fast and has very little associated risk. It is inserted with a needle, and hardly any more painful or timely than a routine vaccination. Some pets do not even notice it happening.

Once the microchip is in place under the skin, the pet will never be separated from a form of identification for the rest of their lives.

Remember to update your contact information in the Home Again database following the insertion, and if you ever move or change phone numbers. This will ensure your pet’s identification will always be effective.

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