Nutrition & Weight Management

Nutritional counseling is a critical factor for both preventative health and treatment options for sick pets. Obtaining both the correct quantity and quality of food can affect your pet’s quantity and quality of life!

During both wellness examinations and sick visits, a discussion of your pet’s diet and physical activity can be relevant and helpful for improving their health. Our veterinarians can help to recommend a diet that will provide the nutrients required for your pet’s specific needs.

During different phases of life, dogs and cats have different micronutrient and macronutrient requirements. For example, a puppy that will eventually grown into a large-sized dog needs a higher calorie intake than their similar-sized counterparts that are not going to grow as large. Older pets should begin to slowly eat less food as their metabolisms slow down in old age. And pets who have chronic illness can benefit from clinically-proven prescription pet foods.

Weight Control

A common problem seen in pets nationwide is weight gain. One out of every three cats or dogs is overweight or obese. Pets who are overweight have shorter average lifespans because they are at greater risk of chronic diseases, and their day-to-day quality of life suffers because of decreased mobility.

To begin helping an obese or overweight pet, the first step is to discuss the issue with a veterinarian. The specific needs of that pet can only be addressed on a case-by-case basis, and only a professional will be able to accurately project a helpful goal weight, so you will know how much weight your pet needs to lose to be healthy.

In general, unless an underlying health condition is at play, the reason most pets are overweight is because of overconsumption. They are taking in more energy in the form of food than they can burn off. In order to correct the problem, the solution is similar to what a human who is losing weight needs to do; exercise more and eat less. The amount that your pet could stand to exercise more or eat less can be ascertained by your veterinarian.

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