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Accreditations & Certifications

We're proud of going above to acquire optional accreditations and certifications in the veterinary industry. Your pets deserve the best veterinary care available! If there are tactics we can adopt, or systems we can improve, we want the leading veterinary institutions to tell us, so we can stay on the leading-edge of veterinary excellence.


AAHA, or the American Animal Hospital Association, is a non-profit organization for companion animal hospitals, and the only accrediting body for animal hospitals in the United States.

Unlike human hospitals, which must pass stringent reviews from a certifying body to remain open, there are no requirements for animal hospitals to receive accreditation. Lakeland Veterinary Hospital maintains a higher standard for veterinary service, and therefore opted to participate in the accreditation process, and adopt the standards of the AAHA to ensure we are offering the most technologically advanced and safe methods for veterinary medicine. Our practice has proudly been AAHA-accredited since 1999.

To maintain AAHA-accreditation, Lakeland Veterinary Hospital is regularly evaluated by AAHA veterinary experts on nearly 900 separate standards for veterinary excellence that range from record-keeping, diagnostics, surgeries, anesthesia, preventative medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, cleanliness, and much more.

Why do we maintain these rigorous standards to remain in compliance with AAHA? Because we want to be the best animal hospital that we can be, because your pets deserve the best veterinary care available.

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