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In addition to preventative care, diagnostic care, and surgeries, we're here for your pet in unique ways. We work with veterinary specialists and experts as needed to make sure that your pet receives the most targeted therapies and treatments.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses the intense energy of light to naturally heal disease and soothe pain. Unlike surgical lasers, which use searing heat to cut through tissues, laser therapy uses cool or low-level lasers to stimulate the healing abilities of the body’s cells.

Laser therapy does not require sedation, and the treatment is completely painless and non-invasive. We find that oftentimes pets enjoy the session and even fall asleep during it. Cats have been known to start purring as they enjoy the warm light and human attention during the treatment. Also, the pet gets to wear an adorable pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes!

The treatment protocol including the length of the treatments, the number and frequency of treatments, and the intensity of the laser, will be specifically planned by your veterinarian to best suit the needs of the patient.

After the session, many clients report an immediate improvement in their pet’s mobility and mood. Pets who may have regularly been limping sometimes walk with ease, or even jump up onto furniture as if they are recovered. In fact, the main danger associated with laser therapy which we caution owners against, is the pet’s pain can be so reduced they can overexert themselves by playing or running before they are ready for the stress on their injury. Even if your pet feels much better after their first session, limit rough play or heavy exercise until your veterinarian gives it the okay.

Because laser therapy uses the power of the body’s own cells, it can be applicable to a wide variety of ailments, including wounds, inflammation, musculoskeletal pain, dermatological issues, and post-surgical pain.

If your pet is a victim of pain, ask your veterinarian if laser therapy can help.

Pain Management

When your pet is in pain, they cannot voice their struggle. As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to provide relief to their pain. At Lakeland Veterinary Hospital, we are able to help you identify the source of your pet’s pain, and provide relief for them through a variety of treatment options.

The first step to pain management is recognizing that there is a problem. If you are concerned that your pet may be suffering, pay attention for one, two, or a cluster of the following symptoms:

  • Hiding from attention, often in a secluded area
  • Decreased activity levels
  • Whining or crying
  • Licking a certain body part excessively
  • Sudden changes in eating patterns
  • Sudden changes in sleeping patterns
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Bloody stools
  • Aggression
  • Fearfulness

Additionally, any sudden or extreme change in your pet’s behavior or disposition can be a warning sign. If you notice a cluster of these symptoms, or one symptom to excess, please call a veterinarian’s office for further advice.

In general, there are two distinct types of pain that require different treatment approaches: chronic and acute. The main difference between the two is their duration. Chronic pain is long-lasting, while acute pain will usually dissipate not long after the source is treated and/or healed.

Chronic pain is often caused by conditions, such as cancer or arthritis, that are complex and challenging to treat. Treatment options for chronic pain include lifestyle changes, medication, and long term therapies. Senior pets are at greater risk for chronic conditions. Often, managing chronic pain is an ongoing task that can span months or even years.

Acute pain can be caused, for example, by a sudden trauma or a surgery. Treatment options for acute pain include medication, preemptive treatments (for example, anesthesia before surgery), and curing the source of the pain.

Concerned your pet may be experiencing pain? Click here to answer some questions that may help you and your pet!

Veterinary Specialists

Surgical Procedures & Advanced Surgery

At Lakeland Veterinary Hospital, we understand surgery may be a stressful time for you and your pet. We are here for you every step of the way and take extraordinary care to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort from beginning to end. Our surgical team is highly trained with extensive experience in a range of general and advanced surgical procedures. 
When more advanced orthopedic/specialty procedures are needed, Lakeland has a team of board certified surgeons who travel to our hospital to perform surgery at Lakeland, under our care, so you don’t have to travel.
Prior to every surgery performed, the veterinarian will complete a pre-operative assessment to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery and can withstand anesthesia. The pre-operative assessment includes a blood test and physical examination. During this time, you will also be able to voice any questions or concerns you have about the procedure and learn more about post-operative care.
On the day of surgery, we ensure comprehensive pain management is always performed by continually monitoring your pet’s anesthetic and vital signs.
After surgery, we closely monitor your pet’s pain level so that they will comfortably wake up from their anesthesia-induced slumber as pain-free as possible. 
  • Spay/Neuter Procedure
  • Soft-tissue Surgery
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • C-Sections
  • Orthopedic Surgeries

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